Right now our civilization faces perhaps the biggest challenge from the beginning of its existence - the climate change and the lack of resources to support our needs. These challenges are strongly related by providing water, food, and new energy resources. Only due to the drawbacks in current wastewater treatment technologies we face the contamination of 90% of earth’s natural resources that naturally sustain our food supply which, in the end, are responsible for more than 7% of all deaths and diseases globally and for the rapid depletion of natural freshwater resources that until now brought to the degradation of more than 60% from the global ecosystem. Water pollution is a significant concern due to the lack of efficiency of current technologies that require large volumes of liquid-waste to be processed that require expensive resources that burden the companies and generate billions of cubic meters of wastewaters yearly, and other billions of tons of untreated industrial wastes that floods our oceans.
Our solutions for wastewater and hazardous liquid treatment
Green WaterNanoTechonolgy
Disruptive technologies and applied solutions for water and hazardous liquid-waste treatment
Our Advanced Solutions
GWNT developed applied solutions for engineering and fabrication of a unique advanced composite material that can be easily biodegraded after its use and then can be safely returned to the environment. Its most effective applications are for quick and effective removal of organics, inorganics, heavy metals, and biological contaminants that charges wastewaters coming from various industrial and manufacturing processes. The advancements we brought enable the deployment of a versatile cost-effective and very competitive cutting edge technology with significantly less footprint and lower energy consumption.  Our solutions allow the development of versatile client-oriented wastewater and liquid-waste treatment applications, both mobile, and stand-alone, which require small and inexpensive set-up infrastructure. Our solutions are addressed to small, medium, and large companies with treatment needs ranging from few cubic meters up to a few thousand cubic meters a day of wastewater.
The bold vision and the courage to change current technological and scientific paradigms seem to be the only reasonable solutions to our problems in this turning point of climate change. We’ve always aimed for higher goals - to develop and implement advanced unconventional solutions that shape the future of treatment technologies and solve the thorny problem of liquid-waste management. We invested in a new type of wastewater treatment technology which is capable to remove current drawbacks encountered in the treatment of almost any kind of wastewater. Our advanced solutions are focused on the treatment of wastewater, sludge and liquid-waste, those being capable to remove the problems and challenges of the current paradigms. Our solutions can be directly applied in supplementary treatment stages inside primary or secondary treatment processes, or even better as a unique treatment stage inside tertiary treatments.