As water becomes scarcer, regulatory agencies will continue to make waste management a higher priority. There is a significant need for advanced treatment technologies. Corporations, SMEs, and government agencies are all in search of better waste management solutions. The project brings a new vision in liquid-waste & wastewater management and was financed within contract no. 263 - 19 JULY 2020 (SMIS2014+ 119960) agreed and signed with the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research acting as Intermediate Authority for Research, on behalf of the Ministry of European Funds acting as Managing Authority for the Competitiveness Operational Program.
Green WaterNanoTechonolgy
Disruptive technologies and applied solutions for water and hazardous liquid-waste treatment
PTI - SMIS2014+119960
One NEW-TO-THE-MARKET product Preparing the entry and market uptake of a unique advanced composite material that brings ground-breaking solutions for hazardous liquid-waste and wastewater treatment 1 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY / SOLUTION DEVELOPED FOR WASTEWATER TREATMENT Preparing the entry and market uptake of a new ground- breaking wastewater treatment technology 1 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY / SOLUTION DEVELOPED FOR THE FABRICATION OF A NEW PRODUCT A technological manufacturing plant, designed to mass- produce an advanced single composite material used for the treatment of liquid waste and wastewater, has been assembled and put into operation. RADICALLY NEW SOLUTIONS THAT SHAPE NEW MARKETS AND STIMULATE THE CREATION OF NEW JOBS Success in the industrial expansion of our solutions (new manufacturing facilities, design and manufacture of new equipment and parts, new research and development sectors) generates turnover, new products, new niche markets, and highly skilled jobs. Advanced state-of-the-art solutions in the design and prototyping of industrial facilities and products A new type of chemical processing reactors was designed and installed meant to fabricate a smart composite-material: technological optimization, computer-aided analytical modeling, numerical simulation, engineering & science of materials, etc.
RESULTS' DISSEMINATION AND COMMUNICATION We targeted to prepare scientific communications those aiming to bring new challenges and solutions in liquid-waste and wastewater treatment as well to open new ways in related scientific research areas   NEW-TO-THE-ENTERPRISE Were validated two innovative technologies/processes/solutions applied: "the fabrication technology of advanced composite material" and, "a radically new technology/solutions for liquid-waste and wastewater treatment"   Efective Partnership-Agreement aimed for development of applied industrial-R&D Excellent combining the know-how within an R&D partnership agreed between Green WaterNanoTechnology and University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest having the sole aim validating and commissioning a new technology for industrial fabrication of an advance material for wastewater treatment   IPR portfolio enrichment Was developed a ground-breaking technology and thereof applied-solutions meant to close the cycle of liquid-waste and of wastewater - a radically new solution was developed making possible that hazardous byproducts could be inactivated, transformed into valuable products and then, safely returned back into the environment   Shifts of paradigms and new CleanTech-solutions for facing climate change We brought a few radically new TechSci-advancements that were particularly-designed to solve the current problematic paradigms in liquid-waste management and wastewater treatment
SMIS2014+119960 proposes cost-effective applied solutions to be TRL8+ scaled-up, aiming at solving the liquid wastes disposal problems right from the treatment phase. It paves the way for treatment infrastructure decentralization and, in the long run, boosts SMEs competitiveness and brings a significant decrease in carbon footprint. Additionally, it generates new tech advancements that open the way for solving many of the current gaps in wastewater and liquid-wastes management. The irreversible conversion at low-costs of toxic waste into chemical inert materials, as well as the direct conversion of non-biodegradable compounds into biodegradable ones, is one of the main achievements brought by our advanced tech solutions.  On top of that, other main benefits brought by the deployment of tech solutions we developed are water re-use and recycling, removal at low-costs of liquid-waste resulted after treatment and the versatility of treatment infrastructure, cut-off in greenhouse gas emissions by decoupling the chain of using natural gas currently used for waste incineration in favor of using clean energy from regenerable sources.