GWNT developed solutions for the engineering and fabrication of one of the most advanced,  biodegradable, smart-multi-functionalized composite materials. Its most effective application is in the single-stage removal of organics, inorganics, heavy metals, and biological contaminants coming from various industrial and manufacturing wastewaters. Our advancements enable the deployment of a versatile, inexpensive, and very competitive cutting edge core-technology that uses significantly less footprint and energy.  GWNT’s Smart Technology allows the development of versatile mobile and stand-alone client-oriented Wastewater Treatment applications. These require small scale and inexpensive set-up infrastructure. Our technology is addressed to small, medium, and large companies with requirements up to a few thousand cubic meters a day.
Green WaterNanoTechonolgy
Disruptive technologies and applied solutions for water and hazardous liquid-waste treatment
Advanced WWT-Solutions
One stage pollutant removal technology No other intermediary treatment stages are required and the operational treatment costs can be reduced by up to 85% Unprecedented 100% pollutant removal efficiency Especially in the case of very complex organic-inorganic charged wastewaters Effective removal of nitrates, carcinogens, pharmaceuticals, biocides, oils, surfactants, PCBs, toxins, furans, benzenes, radioactive particulates, very soluble poisonous mixtures, etc. Cheap set-up infrastructure Up to 75% lower than any current technology Increase SME’s competitiveness Cleaned water can be reused in particular stages of fabrication, resulting in lower manufacturing costs
One stage removal of most organics and inorganics that ends with their complete mineralization At the end of the process, they can be safely returned to the environment Easily scalable technology Our products are addressed to SMEs with processing requirements from 1 to up to 2400 m3/h WWT is not dependent on the wastewater’s type and content or on the technological process that generates it Our solution can clean various  types of charged wastewaters Significantly less footprint, manpower, upkeep, and overall expenses P.P.M pollutant removal level