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TRUE SOLUTIONS FOR ANY LIQUID WASTE TREATMENT Our company is a leading innovating company bringing true-disruptive applied solutions closing the water cycle and ending the waste life-cycle by their safe returning to the environment. By "waste treatment cycle" we mean a process that removes contaminants from liquid waste by using Sonochemical Reactors using fed Advanced Material; then, intermediary separation of contaminants as sludge, and further sludge dewatering; and finally, the dewatered wet-waste are detoxified and transformed into harmless solid byproducts by Chemical Inactivation Equipment. The solid byproducts after chemical inactivation are ready to be safely disposed as inert materials kept on waste deposits, used as crop fertilizers, or used as construction materials or for soil improvement. BENEFITS OF USING OUR LWT SOLUTIONS No matter what contamination your liquid waste has (e.g. viruses, heavy metals, soluble organics), always your problem is solved without changing equipment or building additional treatment infrastructure. Our treatment solutions bring you significant savings, help you keep profit safe, and make your business more competitive BY REDUCING THE TIME OF TREATMENT Allows the development of customized practical waste treatment applications, which may be easily scaled up as needed and with treatment capacities that are not limited by the volume of the influent waste stream to be treated. Reduces multiple times the sizes of treatment infrastructure and costs associated with infrastructure settlement, such as, for example, a typical treatment plant may be reduced to a small sonochemical reactor or to a series of small sonochemical reactors. Is a complete solution solving any type of liquid waste or wet waste, no matter the releasing source, the concentration of contamination, the amount of contaminants charging the influent waste stream to be treated, or the process conditions undertaking the treatment.
Green Water NanoTechnology
Find the right solution to your waste treatment Tell us your needs and we will shape the right technology solution to solve your waste problem