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TRUE SOLUTIONS IN WATER CleanTech Our solutions significantly reduce the carbon footprint upstream the waste treatment chain; and significantly contribute to the limitation of the carbon footprint downstream waste treatment chain. The chemical inactivation process doesn’t release greenhouse gas emissions or smog. All our technology solutions make the transition from the use of fossil energy to the use of renewable energy, wherein all our processes and methods use only renewable energy. Our technology solutions use a proprietary formulation for the detoxification of toxic waste, both before and after their treatment step. BENEFITS OF USING OUR COMPACT DISRUPTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR LIQUID WASTE TREATMENT Is a tertiary treatment process acting also as a secondary treatment solution. Uses the same simplified treatment design for all types of influent waste streams. Significantly reduces the overall operating expenses compared to current solutions. Decreases maintenance and manpower expenses by more than half compared to current solutions. Removes in one step most contaminants, no matter their type, concentration, or the source of releasing. Closes the water treatment cycle by separating the water from waste at the source and by completely reusing and recycling the water from the influent waste stream.
Green Water NanoTechnology
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