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ALL-IN-ONE WASTE TREATMENT SOLUTION ONE-STOP SOURCING for all Waste Treatment Equipment GWNT developed the first true advanced waste treatment solutions capable of solving in one stage almost any type of waste, and hence, closing the cycle of waste and water into one endless circular economy at operational treatment costs without precedent. COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR LIQUID WASTE TREATMENT ONE proprietary Advanced Composite Material It is a non-toxic material capable of effectively removing in one stage most types of toxic contaminants, including viruses, heavy metals, N-P, and soluble organics. Clean water after treatment is completely re-used and re-cycled. ONE proprietary technology solution using our proprietary Advanced Composite Material for the treatment of liquid waste containing complex contamination charges. The Advanced Composite Material grounds our Liquid Waste Treatment proprietary technology solutions which were developed as Advanced Sonochemical Oxidation Solutions (Sonochemical-AOP). We manufacture Sonochemical Reactors for liquid waste treatments which are configured and partitioned based on our client needs, typically assembled with operational treatment capacities starting from one hundred cubic meters on a day. COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR TREATMENT AND DISPOSAL OF SLUDGE AND OTHER HAZARDOUS WET WASTE ONE proprietary technology solution using our proprietary Advanced Composite Material for chemical inactivation of sludge and other wet waste containing the contaminants separated through a process for liquid waste treatment. Our sludge disposal solution uses a proprietary formulation for the detoxification of toxic sludge and wet waste before disposal wherein, the wet waste sludge is detoxicated and mineralized by using a disruptive thermolytic treatment we developed, made at low temperature. Typically we manufacture sludge treatment equipment (i.e. Chemical Inactivation Equipment) with operational treatment capacities starting from one ton an hour.
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