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SMART TREATMENT SOLUTIONS FOR A WATER-SMART SOCIETY Our core technology is grounded by Advanced Smart-Material and Sonochemical Reactors using advanced material for Waste Treatment. Due to technology advancements we developed, we manufacture very compact high-speed Sonochemical Reactors that may be installed in-line with piping transporting the influent waste streams, or fixed on the waste treatment settlement. These very compact equipment are equipped with powerful sonochemical equipment served by smart electronic components to function standalone. No matter if the composition of the waste changes in time, or if the volume of the influent waste stream increases, the Sonochemical Reactors adjust their treatment parameters as needed to keep running and safe the management of waste treatment as it was designed. The process sensors command the adjustment of reactor power, waste treatment flow, and feeding with material and other process chemicals. SMALL LIKE A CHIP BOX, OUR TREATMENT EQUIPMENT ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN A BIG TREATMENT PLANT All the equipment making the waste treatment is incorporated by reactor partitions and mastered by powerful process-control electronics. All you need to do to demand the installation of a sonochemical reactor to treat your waste is to provide us with some basic inputs about the type and volume of contamination you need to remove.
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