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ADVANCED SMART-MATERIALS SMIS119960 project was thought to bring a new vision in the area of waste treatment being financed under contract 263 / 19 JULY 2020 which was agreed upon and signed with the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research on behalf of the Ministry of European Funds. SMIS119960 was financed within Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020. PROJECT TITLE THE FABRICATION OF ADVANCED MATERIALS FOR INDUSTRIAL WASTEWATER TREATMENT: PROTOTYPE AND BRINGING INTO THE CYCLE OF PRODUCTION The project goal was the operational validation of one large-scale manufacturing facility for the fabrication of particular types of materials directed to solve the heavy metals and wastewater produced by the oil industry. The project started on 19 JULY 2020 and was finished on 31 OCTOBER 2023. The total value of grant is 2,083,377.88 of which the nonrefundable assistance is 1,465,944.04 RON. The project scaleup the only mature technology in the world that manufactures advanced materials directed to be used in advanced processes of liquid waste treatment, wherein the advanced materials produced may be selectively activated to control entirely the process parameters and to select the type of contaminants desirable to be removed. PARTNERS The Project Leader SC GREEN WATERNANOTECHNOLOGY SRL Bld. Basarabia no. 226G District 3 - Bucharest 030352 Project Partner POLITEHNICA BUCURESTI NATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Splaiul Independen?ei 313, Bucuresti 060042 EU Partnering MINISTRY OF EUROPEAN FUNDS Bucuresti-Ploiesti no. 1 – 1B Victoria Office, Bucharest District 1, Romania MINISTRY OF RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND DIGITALIZATION Mendeleev no. 21-25 Bucharest District 1, Romania 010362
Green Water NanoTechnology