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TRUE SOLUTIONS FOR TREATMENT AND DISPOSAL OF WET SLUDGE WASTE Our sludge disposal solutions use proprietary formulations for the detoxification of toxic sludge or other wet waste before disposal, wherein the wet waste sludge is detoxicated and mineralized by using a disruptive thermolytic treatment we developed, and that makes the chemical inactivation at low temperatures. OUR EQUIPMENT TRANSFORMS THE DEWATERED SLUDGE INTO HARMLESS SOLID MATERIALS READY TO BE SAFELY DISPOSED OF OR VALUED BENEFITS OF USING OUR SLUDGE DISPOSAL SOLUTIONS BY SEPARATING OF WATER FROM WASTE AT THE SOURCE Reduces the volume of waste generated and transported by up to 100% Decentralizes the waste treatment infrastructure Decentralizes the waste treatment management Does not require settlement ponds or other facilities for storage or processing Reduces the risks of contaminating clean water sources Assists older technologies to be transformed into less polluting ones by inserting or coupling our treatment solutions in different steps of treatment specific to older technologies COMPACT LAST GENERATION SLUDGE DISPOSAL SOLUTIONS Transforms dewatered sludge and other hazardous wet waste into environmentally harmless materials Significantly reduces the carbon footprint upstream of the wet waste treatment chain; and, significantly contributes to the limitation of the carbon footprint downstream wet waste treatment chain Closes the wet waste treatment cycle by transforming hazardous waste into harmless materials that may be safely returned to the environment The chemical inactivation process doesn’t release greenhouse gas emissions or smog Makes the transition from the use of fossil fuel to the use of renewable energy wherein, all our solutions use only renewable energy, for example, renewable electricity
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