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GWNT is a solution provider for the treatment of liquid waste including the wastewater. WE OFFER ONE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION FOR THE TREATMENT OF LIQUID WASTE, SLUDGE, AND THE DISPOSAL OF AFTER-TREATMENT DEWATERED WASTE SLUDGE.  Our solutions define the next-generation standards in liquid waste treatment solutions by transforming the current waste treatment solutions into unique highly predictable ones that work no matter the type or contamination of influent liquid waste. The equipment we manufacture functions based on one advanced sonochemical technology we developed, capable of transforming the current complicated technology solutions into very compact high-speed equipment mastered by automated process controllers and artificial intelligence. Sonochemical equipment we manufacture to treat the liquid waste works no matter the type of waste stream contamination, which may comprise, for example, viruses, heavy metals, soluble organics, and the like. No matter what the contamination of waste is, always your problem will be solved without changing existing equipment or building other expensive infrastructure. The Sonochemical Treatment Reactors are completely functional Wastewater Treatment Plants that need only to be coupled to a water-clarifying equipment, without the need to install other additional treatment infrastructure. Our sonochemical treatment reactors solve the wastewater problem producing clean water that may be recycled and reused, and further Chemical Inactivation Equipment transforms the after-treatment wet waste into harmless solid materials ready for disposal.  Installing the treatment capacity you need is solved very easily just by adjusting the operational capacity of the waste treatment sonochemical reactor.
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